Benefits of Sex in a Relationship

Sex brings about intimacy in a relationship. It makes you get close, feel free with and open to each other, share freely with each other. Having sex goes beyond physical gratification. It creates a bond of love and affection for you and your partner. It deepens your connection with your partner. Studies have shown that lack of sex is a major factor that causes infidelity and break ups in marriage and relationships. It promotes the feeling of reassurance and the realization that both parties wanted and needed.

There are so many reasons to have sex in a relationship. It is used to express so many things physically and emotionally. It is often used to make up after a fight, and it increases the emotional closeness afterward. To some people, the best way to celebrate special occasions is by having sex while, to some, a way of saying thank you for a gift. An active sex life keeps couples together. Couples who maintain active sex lives tend to live happier and longer.

Once sex is off in a relationship, so many relationship problems set in. Lack of trust, betrayals, the couples tend not understand each other, poor libido and lost of happiness. Their senses of humor are also affected. The most dangerous problem couples with poor sex life encounter is the lack of proper communication. When there is no good communication in a relationship, that relationship is bound to go crashing down at any moment.

There are so many health benefits of having sex in a relationship. This includes stress relief, boosting of the immune system, and it helps burn calories which is excellent for weight loss. It also helps improve heart health and for stronger pelvic floor muscles.

Holding off sex can create a feeling that you don’t trust him, or her and it also gives the sense of lack of respect. The person may have the feeling that you don’t trust him or her enough for them to have you all. This may scare the person away. Having sex in a relationship is very vital to keep the relationship going and interesting. A healthy sex life is an important factor in any thriving relationship.

For you to be happy in your relationship,  escorts from say it is important to be having regular and quality sex in your relationship.We are never honest about our partner as well as ourselves, when the illusion starts giving way to the truth we are unable to accept that. We believe that it is a lie and that our partner has cheated us. But is it really true? Who is cheating whom? Most relationships fall not because of the unworthiness of our partner but our lack of coping with the truth. At this moment, the phenomenon of sex enters into a relationship that is very necessary for its survival. Sex & relationship go a long way together, and this is because both are complementary. They can not survive alone rather they are to go along each other. Hence in every relationship proper place should be given to sex, and this should never be neglected.



The dildo is a device commonly used by females for sexual pleasure though it was used in the past for medical and religious purposes. It resembles an erect penis in many aspects like shape, size and appearance. It can also be used for anal penetration, caressing during fore play and even gagging. It is also reported that some london escorts use it to enhance pleasure. The dildo is one of the most durable devices used in the ancient times by humans. Dildos have been discovered in large numbers by archeologists hence they were very normal and acceptable in most societies. The oldest dildo was found in Hohle Fels Cave in Germany. It was 20cm long and was made of siltstone.

The ancient Romans used dildos for sexual pleasure broadly regardless of gender, London escorts were more commonly referred to as courtesans back then. In the Greek culture, dildos were used extensively to an extent where they imprinted their pieces of art and utensils with images of women and escorts using or being pleasured by dildos both anally and in the vagina. Dildos were also very common in London but were used only for medical purposes to treat females suffering from hysteria. It was the job of physicians or doctors to rub the female’s sexual parts until they achieved an orgasm thus curing them from hysteria. This practice went on until George Taylor invented a steam powered vibrator. The demand for this new device rose tremendously. Many women and London escorts consequently started purchasing it for sexual pleasure rather than its intended medical application. Double dildos were also commonly used by the Romans in the fourth century according to archeological evidence. They are still in use to date and are preferred during parties or for simultaneous penetration with a partner. The ancient dildos were made of stone, tar, wood and carved bones. Generally, any material which was firm enough and had the desired shape was used as a dildo as long as it was polished to a high gloss for comfortable and safe use.

In the 1940’s, rubber dildos with a steel core were invented but were soon criticised for the injuries which resulted when the rubber coat cracked. PVC dildos were also common in the mid 20th century and were cheap to manufacture. Despite their affordability, they were sooner or later rejected due to the difficulty in sterilising them and phthalates contents which are unsafe. Recently, chrome plated steel dildos have been a better option for many people. This is attributed their superior qualities like their unique ability to change and maintain the appropriate temperatures, durability, firmness and smoothness if used with a lubricant. Other dildos are being coated with cyberskin which feels more like the skin of humans.

The dildo is a sex toy which has been used since time immemorial by many societies either for sexual pleasure or for cultural purposes hence its actual origin cannot be established. The use of this device is reported to have increased dramatically among Young London escorts in the recent past. Recently, dildo manufacturers have taken advantage of the current materials and technology to make dildos with varying colours, textures, sizes and shapes for different people have different tastes and preferences.

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Tips to Buying a Sex Toy with Your Lady

Whether you’re married or in a new relationship, there’s always room to spice up your sex life. But often times it’s easier in theory than in practice—especially if you’re looking to bring sex toys into the mix. “Some people are afraid of offending their partners, but this fear is mostly unfounded,” says Jessica O’Reilly, Ph.D, a sexologist based in Toronto. “Research indicates that both men and women are comfortable “sharing” their partners with battery-powered devices.” So why not bring it up with your partner? Below, we’ve confronted all the awkward issues so you don’t have to. Here are seven tips for breaking the sex toy barrier.

1. Realize that it’s not uncommon. “The whole stigma that’s attached to sex toy stores is gone,” says Lora Somoza, a Los Angeles-based sex columnist, author and host of the weekly Between the Sheets radio show. “You need to know that whatever is giving you any hesitation in the first place is completely in your mind.”

2. Know how to approach the topic. Somoza suggests saying things to your partner such as, “I read somewhere that this is something women like,” or “Our relationship is great, but I want to think about ways to improve upon it. Is there anything you want to add to our sex life?” For those who prefer a more passive method, there’s nothing wrong with leaving a “surprise gift” on the bedside table to initiate intimacy—as long as you already have a gauge of your partner’s sentiments about it.

3. Buy online. If the thought of walking into a sex store gives you anxiety, try browsing for items online. “You can do it your PJs or birthday suit from the comfort of your living room,” recommends O’Reilly. “Check out online retailer, Ohhh Canada —my clients like them for their expertise and customer service.”

4. Do your research. If you’re ready to make your way to a sex shop but unsure of what to buy once you get there, plan ahead. “Read reviews online first, so you know what you’re looking for when you arrive in-store,” says O’Reilly. “I also suggest checking out one of your ‘sex-positive’ stores.” A sex-positive store has an open-minded attitude that emphasizes healthy and pleasurable sexual experimentation. Find one in your area through a simple Google search. “These shops are couple-friendly and their staff are also sex educators who welcome your questions and have reviewed many of the products themselves,” she says.