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Love is just as important to escorts as it is to the rest of us. However, working as an escort is not always easy and may cause a lot of conflict in your personal life. The Better Sex Guide invited a couple of London escorts to talk about their private love lives, and have they manage to stay sane in the crazy world of the escorts industry you may want to visit

Julie and Sarah are two experienced London escorts who have worked in the escorts industry since they were 18 years old. They are now both 26 and are considering leaving the industry even though they are making a very good living. Both Julie and Sarah work for two of the leading London escorts agencies, and say that they enjoy what they do for a living but the problem is the lifestyle.

London escorts are probably some of the busiest escorts in the central London area, and managing a private life is difficult as it is. When you on top of that throw in an escort’s lifestyle, juggling a private and professional life can become even more difficult.

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Sarah has been working for an elite London escorts agency for the last two years and says it is very difficult to hold down a personal relationship. Many boyfriends are jealous of what she does, and cannot face the fact that she dates other men for a living. Many men see, or potential boyfriends, see this as betrayal or the girl being unfaithful to them. This causes a huge amount of conflict, and many boyfriends cannot cope with this situation.

Dating and working as an escort can be very difficult and a lonely place to be. Most of the time a boyfriend will think it is a bit of fun dating an escort at first, and brag to his friends, but after a while the relationship can quickly sour. Sara loves her job as an escort but is considering retiring, and starting her own business in the next year or so.

Julie works for another London escorts agency, and she says that she is experiencing the same problem. She says that the only way forward is really to have a relationship with a male escorts, but the problem is the long hours you work. Julie used to live together with one of her fellow male colleagues but the relationship fell apart.

The main factor was pressure of work, and that the couple did not see each other. When Julie was at home, her partner was often working and vice versa. In the end, the couple split up even though they did love each other a lot. Not having enough time to spend together was the main reason for their separation.

To many outsiders looking in, the escorts industry must seem like a very glamorous business but in fact it is anything but glamorous. It is about hard work, and making personal sacrifices just like any other business. There is very little room for down time with a partner, and the working hours are very long and inconvenient.

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Dear Dr Annie Bliss,

This is the first time I have written into the Better Sex Guide, but I think that I have a serious problem. I started to date just regular Southall escorts a couple of years ago. To be honest, I only ever date escorts as I don’t have time for a regular girlfriend, and it is more convenient for me not to have any emotional commitments at this moment in time.

The thing is I have found that I have got really into duo dating with bi-sexual Southall escorts. I never use to be into bi-sexual girls but recently I have got really into them. My mate’s girlfriend is bi-sexual and I walked in on them having sex a few months back. They asked me to join in and I ended up having the time of my life.

romantic and caring girls in Southall escorts

romantic and caring girls in Southall escorts

I have never been that turned on before, and I don’t think that I will be able to get turned on by anything else again. A lot of it has to do with fantasies, and I do have a lot of sexual fantasies which I enjoy. Recently, I have started to watch a lot girl-on-girl porn, and it seems that sexy bi-sexual girls have taken over my life. I am getting a bit worried and I am wondering if I will ever be able to have a regular sex life again.

Would you be able to give me any advice on how I can cope with the situation, and should I stop dating bi-sexual Southall escorts?

Looking forward to hear from you – Alan

Dear Alan,

I don’t that you have anything to worry about. It sounds like you have encountered a new sexual experience and adventure that you find interesting. It can be exciting to watch two females pleasure each other, and sometimes you do get to join in to share the pleasure. At the same time it sounds like you are on bi-sexual overload at the moment, and can’t stop dating bi-sexual Southall escorts. Duo dating can be expensive, so you need to watch your bank balance.

There are many quality Southall escorts agencies, and I am sure that if you speak to one of them, you may find some straight escorts to help you with your problem. However, I don’t think that you should worry too much. We all get fascinated with one thing and the other, and then all of a sudden we get bored with our fascination. You should not worry about your fantasies at all. It is normal to have different fantasies and this shows that you are a health man.

I believe that eventually this fascination with bi-sexual girls will go away, and you will get bored with it and move onto something else. At the moment I take it is a pleasure for you, and as long as it stays a pleasure, it is not doing you any harm. Enjoy the company of your sexy escorts but why not try a straight girl this Saturday night.

Sexing things up with your partner

Kent escorts asks have you checked the latest experience that you have with your partner? Do you notice any changes, like a low sex libido or boredom while doing the deed? Experiencing these things is actually normal. However, if you wanted to spice things up in the bedroom, you can use sex toys to have a hot steamy sex with your partner. So, the next time you pop in the sheets, use these toys to heat things up a little and have the most unforgettable night.

Here are some of the best sex toys that you can use in the bedroom:

Vibrators. These toys come in different types. The classic penis-shaped is best used with new batteries or have lots of it ready in bed so you won’t experience an inconvenient battery death while having sex. Another type is the wand vibrator, which brings lots of stimulation to your partner while using it. The coil type or handle vibrator is the third type that resembles a small hair dryer. This provides lots of sensations that you can never imagine. Using this type will surely make your sex act incredible.

Dildos. These are used in a variety of purposes such as a clitoral stimulation or anal stimulation. Dildos are available in many shapes and sizes that you can use to substitute a real penis. It’s usually made of silicone or latex, rest assured that inserting this in your body orifice will provide sexual pleasure and not pain. When buying a dildo, be sure that you consider the factors such as thickness, hardness, texture, and length. For those who are nervous or unsure on who to talk to about sex toys, Kent escorts are happy to be there for you. Well informed about many varieties of subjects and with a strict practise on not being judgemental they may be the perfect buddy to have a chat with. If you’re using it for the first time, make sure that you start small.

Cock Rings. Escorts in Kent have read that this makes the penis harder for a longer period of time giving you an ample time to try different sexual positions. Make sure that the penis is not erect for the ring to work, so avoid penis stimulation when using it beforehand. Kent escorts also found out that you need to choose a ring that fits you well. A ring that is too loose or too tight might leave you in the emergency room of a hospital. So, make sure that you only choose a simple cock ring to enjoy its benefits.

Butt plugs. Were a bit of a shocker to the Kent escorts, they found that these are made for anal stimulation. It’s a kind of dildo that has a bulge in the centre. There are different types of butt plugs you can use in the bedroom to heighten up an orgasm.

Lubricant, make sure that you are going to choose the right lubricant when having sex. Some lubricants are made for masturbation purposes only while some are made for sex, which lasts for hours. Kent escorts also warn that you should also know if you wanted something runny or think to grease you up while having sex. You can even try both textures to experiment a little, if your unsure just ask the escorts in Kent .

Using sex toys has always been known to increase the sex groove of two people who wanted to have a fantastic sexual experience. So, the next time that you have sex, make sure that these goodies are available so you’ll become totally immersed while having sex and experience sexual pleasure like no other. If you are in need of some advice to chat with beautiful informed women who know a lot about a lot.


The dildo is a device commonly used by females for sexual pleasure though it was used in the past for medical and religious purposes. It resembles an erect penis in many aspects like shape, size and appearance. It can also be used for anal penetration, caressing during fore play and even gagging. It is also reported that some london escorts use it to enhance pleasure. The dildo is one of the most durable devices used in the ancient times by humans. Dildos have been discovered in large numbers by archeologists hence they were very normal and acceptable in most societies. The oldest dildo was found in Hohle Fels Cave in Germany. It was 20cm long and was made of siltstone.

The ancient Romans used dildos for sexual pleasure broadly regardless of gender, London escorts were more commonly referred to as courtesans back then. In the Greek culture, dildos were used extensively to an extent where they imprinted their pieces of art and utensils with images of women and escorts using or being pleasured by dildos both anally and in the vagina. Dildos were also very common in London but were used only for medical purposes to treat females suffering from hysteria. It was the job of physicians or doctors to rub the female’s sexual parts until they achieved an orgasm thus curing them from hysteria. This practice went on until George Taylor invented a steam powered vibrator. The demand for this new device rose tremendously. Many women and London escorts consequently started purchasing it for sexual pleasure rather than its intended medical application. Double dildos were also commonly used by the Romans in the fourth century according to archeological evidence. They are still in use to date and are preferred during parties or for simultaneous penetration with a partner. The ancient dildos were made of stone, tar, wood and carved bones. Generally, any material which was firm enough and had the desired shape was used as a dildo as long as it was polished to a high gloss for comfortable and safe use.

In the 1940’s, rubber dildos with a steel core were invented but were soon criticised for the injuries which resulted when the rubber coat cracked. PVC dildos were also common in the mid 20th century and were cheap to manufacture. Despite their affordability, they were sooner or later rejected due to the difficulty in sterilising them and phthalates contents which are unsafe. Recently, chrome plated steel dildos have been a better option for many people. This is attributed their superior qualities like their unique ability to change and maintain the appropriate temperatures, durability, firmness and smoothness if used with a lubricant. Other dildos are being coated with cyberskin which feels more like the skin of humans.

The dildo is a sex toy which has been used since time immemorial by many societies either for sexual pleasure or for cultural purposes hence its actual origin cannot be established. The use of this device is reported to have increased dramatically among Young London escorts in the recent past. Recently, dildo manufacturers have taken advantage of the current materials and technology to make dildos with varying colours, textures, sizes and shapes for different people have different tastes and preferences.

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Sex toys: tips and lessons to meet all your needs

Welcome, babes of toyland! This week we’ve worked together to bring you Sex Toyz 101: Happy Trail style. Dildos, vibrators, cock rings and, of course, the ubiquitous and ever-useful lube. Learn some lessons and remember the rules—always play naughty, and don’t always share. This ain’t your happy meal toy, sexy thing. These toys are going places (and in places, and up places, and over places…).

(And remember, if you want a sex toy but don’t want to go to a sex shop, try They ship in nondescript boxes so the mail room workers don’t find out about your new 10-inch dildo.)


Vibrators and dildos

When you get a vibrator, you should take some time to think about what really feels good. A hands-on session can help you with that. When your hands are hanging out in your nether regions, even if you haven’t been able to bring yourself to orgasm, you can still take some deep breaths and use your fingers to explore what feels good.

Like to focus on your clit? Try a vibrator meant for clitoral stimulation. These are often the most inexpensive vibes, too—the basic model can be small, plastic, and power your play with just a AA battery or two. These one-setting beginner’s models are also great if you’re new to vibes and intimidated by the big dicks. I am not ashamed to admit that my first vibrator was a bright green caterpillar complete with little stimulation antennae and a silicone-stamped smile.

You can also graduate to multi-setting models, which can offer different strengths or tease you with different patterns—simpler start-and-stop rhythms, and more complex up-and-down waves. Personally, though, I’ve found that simple is best.

Like the feeling of the ol’ in-and-out? You probably have sensitive inner labia and vaginal opening. Vibration can bring this feeling to a whole ‘nother level. There are some great realistically sized vibes which will feel great entering you. You might want to go for length, as a longer vibe will give you better grip and maneuver and the ability to change vibration settings without stopping.