Benefits of Sex in a Relationship

Sex brings about intimacy in a relationship. It makes you get close, feel free with and open to each other, share freely with each other. Having sex goes beyond physical gratification. It creates a bond of love and affection for you and your partner. It deepens your connection with your partner. Studies have shown that lack of sex is a major factor that causes infidelity and break ups in marriage and relationships. It promotes the feeling of reassurance and the realization that both parties wanted and needed.

There are so many reasons to have sex in a relationship. It is used to express so many things physically and emotionally. It is often used to make up after a fight, and it increases the emotional closeness afterward. To some people, the best way to celebrate special occasions is by having sex while, to some, a way of saying thank you for a gift. An active sex life keeps couples together. Couples who maintain active sex lives tend to live happier and longer.

Once sex is off in a relationship, so many relationship problems set in. Lack of trust, betrayals, the couples tend not understand each other, poor libido and lost of happiness. Their senses of humor are also affected. The most dangerous problem couples with poor sex life encounter is the lack of proper communication. When there is no good communication in a relationship, that relationship is bound to go crashing down at any moment.

There are so many health benefits of having sex in a relationship. This includes stress relief, boosting of the immune system, and it helps burn calories which is excellent for weight loss. It also helps improve heart health and for stronger pelvic floor muscles.

Holding off sex can create a feeling that you don’t trust him, or her and it also gives the sense of lack of respect. The person may have the feeling that you don’t trust him or her enough for them to have you all. This may scare the person away. Having sex in a relationship is very vital to keep the relationship going and interesting. A healthy sex life is an important factor in any thriving relationship.

For you to be happy in your relationship,  escorts from say it is important to be having regular and quality sex in your relationship.We are never honest about our partner as well as ourselves, when the illusion starts giving way to the truth we are unable to accept that. We believe that it is a lie and that our partner has cheated us. But is it really true? Who is cheating whom? Most relationships fall not because of the unworthiness of our partner but our lack of coping with the truth. At this moment, the phenomenon of sex enters into a relationship that is very necessary for its survival. Sex & relationship go a long way together, and this is because both are complementary. They can not survive alone rather they are to go along each other. Hence in every relationship proper place should be given to sex, and this should never be neglected.


More Couples Are Bringing Toys to Bed

LELO-GigiSee what all the buzz is about

If you think sex toys are just for single ladies or bondage-loving Fifty Shades fans, think again: The majority of women are up for bringing sex toys to bed, according to a recent poll of Women’s Health readers.

In fact, in the survey, 75 percent of respondents said they’ve used one with a partner, and 60 percent say they’ve used one with the person they’re seeing now (or were with most recently). Even more women are up for giving one a try: Eighty-four percent said they’re open to the idea of using a sex toy as a couple.

If your sex life is feeling a little routine lately, bringing a toy to bed can help add a little something-something to your sex life, says Ian Kerner, PhD, sex therapist and author of She Comes First (consequently, he says he’s been seeing more and more couples experimenting with sex toys lately). “Whenever you introduce novelty into the bedroom, it stimulates dopamine activity—that plays a big role in sexual arousal and sexual excitement.”

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